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I was struggling with moving forward with my coaching business, was feeling disorganized and lacking structure both personally and with my business, and was very much in need of self-care so that I could be a more patient, present mother and also have enough of myself left to give to my clients and followers.

By the end of the first session, Louise helped me really acknowledge myself for what I was already doing right, which helped me stay positive and feel like I could really make the changes I wanted to make. I also felt very clear about what I wanted and what my priorities were and had a beautiful vision for how things could shift.

The biggest change I've witnessed is my commitment to myself - to my self-care and to taking action on the things that are really important to me. I’m taking more time for myself. I also have a much more positive outlook on being able to achieve my personal and professional goals.

Louise is such a warm, positive, encouraging coach. She helped me dig into things that were blocking me, but always did it in a positive, loving way that helped me believe in myself more. I always got off our calls bursting with energy and feeling like I could do anything. Louise is such a positive light and a true gift to anyone who works with her.

-Kimberly M.

This was my first time working with a coach and it has been amazing! I was just starting my Business (I stepped away from a job I hated) and really wanted to make a difference to people, but wasn't sure how to start. I wanted to connect with people. For me its the human connection that is my favorite part of my business. Louise helped me reach those goals. 

It was great to talk through my goals and set steps that were possible. I felt listened to and like my needs were important. I really defined my priorities. My family is the most important thing and I can work with my business to keep that the priority. They have noticed I’m more relaxed and focused. I’m more accepting of “my limitations” and learned that they do not actually limit how I work on my business and enjoy my life. 

I am true to myself and I stop fighting with myself to get things done. I’m more productive, less tired and spend more time with my family which has been great for those relationships. Louise, I can not thank you enough for all your help.

-Nara N. 

Prenatal Fitness and Health Coach at Empowered Wellness



"When Louise and I first started working together, I was very frustrated and overwhelmed with my progress in both of my creative businesses. I knew what I wanted overall, but had difficulty breaking it all down into practical and do-able daily steps. I felt very discouraged and was even thinking of giving up. I was BURNT OUT! Going into the first session, I was a little nervous but Louise is very reassuring, understanding and encouraging. By the end of the first session, I felt hopeful, inspired and ready to take the first steps for success. Since coaching, I'm feeling more positive and confident. I have let go of a lot of unnecessary clutter both in my physical space, but in my mental space as well. My inner dialogue is much more positive and encouraging and I'm more particular about what I give my energy to. "

-Amber P. 

Singer-Songwriter for The Vineyard Band & Creative Director and Yoga Instructor at Star Stuff Yoga & More