Creating Holistic Success

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Creating Holistic Success

Look around your current work environment. What kind of messaging are you receiving about success? Is there anything encouraging you to take care of yourself?

If there is, MAJOR props. Feel free to send my stamp of approval to your boss (which for most of you are YOU!) 

Unfortunately, many of us are surrounded by messaging of the opposite kind. That success means you sacrifice your time, health, spirit, and sometimes even your soul. This idea permeates a lot of modern, workaholic culture. 

How many of these narratives do you recognize? 

  • The famous artist (musician, actress, etc.) that jumps from partner to partner, and has a crappy love life

  • The type-A business mogul who has a full bank account but their health is in terrible condition 

  • The doctor who doesn’t take the advice he gives his own patients and neglects his own health

  • The parent of 3 kids who provides for their family but has nothing that really excites them anymore

  • The soulless millionaire who pushed everyone down to get where they were going

These are common models of THE COST of success that we are fed on a daily basis. They are in our newspapers, gossip columns, and hanging on our lips. We love these stories because they are simple and a bit tragic. 

The message? You have to be willing to SACRIFICE EVERYTHING for the things you gain. 

But I disagree. Because a lot of time THESE stories are spun for entertainment. That is not the purpose of a real human life. 

Your life is to be lived FOR YOU. 

There is no montage. There is no tragically beautiful spin. Quite often, life is just the “boring stuff” in the middle, not a movie or E! True Hollywood Story. 

You are allowed to exit this narrative and discard the old stories and beliefs that no longer serve you!

So, lets flip it…

What if instead of sacrifice, you thought of it as an investment?

What if you monitored your investments ACROSS THE BOARD?

It is my firm belief that we don’t have to choose just one major area in our life to thrive (to hell with the rest!)

We can choose to model a new type of success. 

What could this look like for our previous examples? 

  • The famous artist who sets boundaries around their work and relationships so as to protect the value that both bring to their life

  • The type- A business mogul who starts every day with a healthy breakfast, meditation, and movement because they know it will only make them stronger in their work

  • The doctor who finds creative ways to put their needs first so they can serve their patients EVEN BETTER and lead by example

  • The parent of 3 who shows their kids how beneficial it is to make time for what they love in life and they DO IT TOGETHER! 

  • The millionaire who leads their life from a place of abundance rather than fear of lack (which previously resulted in a need to FIGHT and compete for what they saw as limited) Success is open to all. 

So answer this…

  1. Which old model do you relate to the most? 

  2. How can you make the switch to bringing in more holistic success?

  3. How can you invest in your well-being? (BIG dreams included, my friend)

Comment below and let’s discuss! 

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Bright Gems: Jessica Demunck


Jessica Demunck is a Life Coach, Teacher and Storyteller who supports young women to understand the story of their lives, embrace their innate authenticity and take back authorship. She believes that stories have the power to both inspire and heal, and is on a mission to empower others through this powerful modality.

It was my honor to connect with Jessica through the Beautiful You Life Coaching Academy. With a love of meditation, authenticity, and breaking through the old stories, I could tell we had a lot in common.

Here is a beautiful heart to heart from this brightly shining gem! 


1.     Rare Gem is all about our innate worthiness and celebrating what is different about us! Tell me something unique about you? 

Everything I do and everything I am is unique. There is no other soul on this planet that lives, breaths, thinks and responds to the world as I do. There are things that I do that are quirky and not overly common, however, my uniqueness is inherent and not dependent on these. Each of us is created from an exceptionally different and individual blueprint, and that alone is worthy of celebration!


2.     What started you on your personal growth journey? 

I have always been interested in human behavior and our inner lives, however, it wasn’t until my own inner world was turned upside down that my deep growth work began. Let me tell you my story…

In 2013, I hit rock bottom. I was entering my final year of University studying Primary School Teaching. Back then, I was pretty carefree. That was until, all at once it seemed, the pressures of my final year and a fallout with my long-time bestie shook my world as I knew it. I started experiencing intense panic attacks that would see me crying for days on end. I was diagnosed with Generalised Anxiety Disorder, referred to a psychologist and put on medication. The next 3 years saw me on and off the same anxiety medication, in and out of panic spirals and my self-belief and confidence plummet.

That was until I came across the concepts of self-love, self-compassion and the idea of re-writing your story. Seemingly overnight I was hooked! I immersed myself in all things personal development, spirituality and self-love. I was taking back authorship and re-writing the story of my life, little by little. Sure, there were (and still are) moments of worry and panic, but they became fewer and far between, and I could bounce back quicker than before. Nowadays I can say with total conviction and knowing, that I love who I am authentically and am totally confident in speaking my honest truth.


3.     What are your go-to spiritual/self-care practices? 

·       Meditation daily. 

·       Remembering both my mortality and my divinity. 

·       Deep breathing

·       Grounding

·       Sleep


4.     How do you stay in your own lane/keep focused on you?

When I am creating something new, writing a blog post or nearing a session with a client- I switch off from all social media and TV as much as possible. This helps me to focus on my ideas and perspectives, rather than become entangled with or compare myself to those of others. 

I also remind myself that everybody is human and nobody has or is anything more special than I am. Remembering that the accomplishments and achievements of others don’t mean anything about my own, helps me to celebrate them without experiencing jealousy or comparison.  


5.     What is a book that has completely changed your life? 

At a time when I was overwhelmed with anxiety and considering another dose of medication and another visit to the psychologist, a friend gifted me Mastering Your Mean Girl by Melissa Ambrosini. Reading that book changed my perspective on life, love and our own internal strength. It changed everything and I’ve now lost count of the number of people I’ve recommended it to. Since then, I’ve read many more life changing books- however, I honestly believe that I owe that text my life because in essence, it bought life back to me. 


6.     What keeps you shining bright and showing up fully in the world? 

Curiosity. The promise of learning. Awe. Gratitude for my life. Wonder. 


7.     What is the number 1 tip you have for realizing your BIG dreams? 

Self-love. If you don’t love yourself or back yourself, it makes it difficult for others to. Remembering your innate worth and importance is the number 1 tool for creating a life of purpose, passion and realized dreams.  


8.     How do stay connected to yourself and to source? 

By spending time alone. As an introvert this isn’t difficult for me to do, however, for many the temptation is constantly there to organize catch ups, be on our phones or be engulfed in some form of entertainment. I feel most connected to myself and to Source when I slow down, spend time alone and spend time in silence. It’s free and it’s easy- if we let it be. 


9.     If you could be any gemstone, which would you be and why? 

Jade. My Grandmother died when I was only young and I was given a piece of Jade that was hers. By all accounts she was a beautiful soul, and in my mind, Jade is linked with her. Jade is also my favourite name, and I just love the colour. 

I've attached a photo that you can use, as well as my professional bio. Let me know if there is anything else you need or want me to change.

Thank you so much for allowing me to share my message on your platform, and thank you so much again for being on mine!


Jessica Demunck:

5 Daily Self-Care Habits That Work For Me

5 Daily Habits that work for me.jpg

I would like to preface this post with a major disclaimer. Self-care is NOT a one size fits all deal. I've spent many years trying to squeeze myself into other people's wellness molds and feeling like a failure. But letting my inner mean girl tear me down is NOT self-care. 

What works for one, may not for another. And that's okay!!! This journey is about loving and accepting what works for YOU! 

For example, I have dealt with a chronic illness for most of my life. Sometimes, when I want to bail on the gym, it's to protect my health and energy. Sometimes, when I want to bail not the gym it's really my inner fit thrower coming out to play. 

How do you know which is which? That's when you need to tune in deeper to yourself and ask yourself,


"What do I NEED?"

If you need some assistance with this, you can get my FREE meditation HERE


Also, I don't ALWAYS do these ALL of these EVERY day! Whereas consistency does help when building a habit, the reality is, you are human. Some days, you might only do one of your self-care items. Again, that's okay. It's about showing up for yourself and giving yourself what you NEED! 


1. Meditation

When major anxiety crept into my daily life, I remember there were days where sitting in meditation was all I could do to feel normal. I started with small increments, just 1 or 2 minutes. But it felt SO good, I started craving 10-15 minutes. Then, I started doing it whenever I first woke up and right before bed. Few things can connect me to my inner self that quickly, allowing the worries and cares to fall away so that I focus on the moment fully. That presence impacts how I show up for the rest of the day and how deeply my body can sink into sleep. And all you need is time, space and breath to get started!

2. Morning Tea or Coffee

There is something SO soothing to me about starting the day with a hot beverage. Personally, I try to switch between coffee and tea so that I'm not overdosing on caffeine (my body is particularly sensitive). But much in the way of meditation time, it allows you a moment to put down your phone, hold the cup between both of your hands, and feel gratitude for the simple pleasures. 



3. Time to read first thing

I used to consider myself a strong night owl. I still write best at night and tend to be more creative the more I burn the midnight oil. However, my mind learns best first thing in the morning. I love enjoying some quiet time (my introverted spirit) with a good book, absorb the lessons and really dive into soul.

Some of my favorites lately include:

Essentialism by Greg Mckeown

The E Myth by Michael E. Gerber

It's All Good by Cassie-Mendoza Jones

4. Journaling

I've been a journaler since I was a single digit age. It has always gone hand-in-hand with my songwriting. The more I write, reflect, and process through written word, the healthier and happier I feel. A tip I've learned along the way: Your journaling doesn't have to be a story or letter writing style. Sometimes my BEST journaling sessions are just lists! 

5. Checking in with my passion planner. 

Though we have so many digital options these days, there is nothing like physically writing out my week or my month on paper, in ink and with fun stickers!!! The Passion Planner is my current favorite. It allows you to mind map, set weekly and monthly goals and daily intentions, and separate your personal projects from work projects. In addition to that, they have  weekly quotes and life tips. It's a way for me to stay on target with my life/business goals in a way that FEELS good to me. 


So there you have it...Now I would love hear YOURS! 

What are YOUR top Self-Care Habits? 

Answer in the comments below!