5 Daily Self-Care Habits That Work For Me

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I would like to preface this post with a major disclaimer. Self-care is NOT a one size fits all deal. I've spent many years trying to squeeze myself into other people's wellness molds and feeling like a failure. But letting my inner mean girl tear me down is NOT self-care. 

What works for one, may not for another. And that's okay!!! This journey is about loving and accepting what works for YOU! 

For example, I have dealt with a chronic illness for most of my life. Sometimes, when I want to bail on the gym, it's to protect my health and energy. Sometimes, when I want to bail not the gym it's really my inner fit thrower coming out to play. 

How do you know which is which? That's when you need to tune in deeper to yourself and ask yourself,


"What do I NEED?"

If you need some assistance with this, you can get my FREE meditation HERE


Also, I don't ALWAYS do these ALL of these EVERY day! Whereas consistency does help when building a habit, the reality is, you are human. Some days, you might only do one of your self-care items. Again, that's okay. It's about showing up for yourself and giving yourself what you NEED! 


1. Meditation

When major anxiety crept into my daily life, I remember there were days where sitting in meditation was all I could do to feel normal. I started with small increments, just 1 or 2 minutes. But it felt SO good, I started craving 10-15 minutes. Then, I started doing it whenever I first woke up and right before bed. Few things can connect me to my inner self that quickly, allowing the worries and cares to fall away so that I focus on the moment fully. That presence impacts how I show up for the rest of the day and how deeply my body can sink into sleep. And all you need is time, space and breath to get started!

2. Morning Tea or Coffee

There is something SO soothing to me about starting the day with a hot beverage. Personally, I try to switch between coffee and tea so that I'm not overdosing on caffeine (my body is particularly sensitive). But much in the way of meditation time, it allows you a moment to put down your phone, hold the cup between both of your hands, and feel gratitude for the simple pleasures. 



3. Time to read first thing

I used to consider myself a strong night owl. I still write best at night and tend to be more creative the more I burn the midnight oil. However, my mind learns best first thing in the morning. I love enjoying some quiet time (my introverted spirit) with a good book, absorb the lessons and really dive into soul.

Some of my favorites lately include:

Essentialism by Greg Mckeown

The E Myth by Michael E. Gerber

It's All Good by Cassie-Mendoza Jones

4. Journaling

I've been a journaler since I was a single digit age. It has always gone hand-in-hand with my songwriting. The more I write, reflect, and process through written word, the healthier and happier I feel. A tip I've learned along the way: Your journaling doesn't have to be a story or letter writing style. Sometimes my BEST journaling sessions are just lists! 

5. Checking in with my passion planner. 

Though we have so many digital options these days, there is nothing like physically writing out my week or my month on paper, in ink and with fun stickers!!! The Passion Planner is my current favorite. It allows you to mind map, set weekly and monthly goals and daily intentions, and separate your personal projects from work projects. In addition to that, they have  weekly quotes and life tips. It's a way for me to stay on target with my life/business goals in a way that FEELS good to me. 


So there you have it...Now I would love hear YOURS! 

What are YOUR top Self-Care Habits? 

Answer in the comments below!