Welcome, Rare Gem!


                                                                              Hello Rare Gem, 

I'm SO excited to welcome you to my new webpage!!! It's FINALLY here!! I've poured so many loving hours into this space just for you to create a place to connect & learn on your journey.

I finished up my Beautiful You Life Coaching training October 2017 and oh boy, has it been a ride! Never in my life can I cite so much personal growth in me as the past year. I'm truly grateful for the learning and grateful for the start of this brand new chapter with all of you by my side!  

I'm proud that I took the time to do it right, not rush it, and work at my own pace - putting into practice a lot of the self-care principles I love to talk about! This creation has been a exploration into working with myself, not against myself. That's the very energy I would love to bring to our relationship: authenticity, ease, and nourishment. 

So I just want to say, thank you for being here. Thank you for showing up for yourself within this space. I cannot wait to learn and grow together and stand shoulder to shoulder with you as you embrace your true self and shine brighter than ever!  

Louise <3