Creating Holistic Success

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Creating Holistic Success

Look around your current work environment. What kind of messaging are you receiving about success? Is there anything encouraging you to take care of yourself?

If there is, MAJOR props. Feel free to send my stamp of approval to your boss (which for most of you are YOU!) 

Unfortunately, many of us are surrounded by messaging of the opposite kind. That success means you sacrifice your time, health, spirit, and sometimes even your soul. This idea permeates a lot of modern, workaholic culture. 

How many of these narratives do you recognize? 

  • The famous artist (musician, actress, etc.) that jumps from partner to partner, and has a crappy love life

  • The type-A business mogul who has a full bank account but their health is in terrible condition 

  • The doctor who doesn’t take the advice he gives his own patients and neglects his own health

  • The parent of 3 kids who provides for their family but has nothing that really excites them anymore

  • The soulless millionaire who pushed everyone down to get where they were going

These are common models of THE COST of success that we are fed on a daily basis. They are in our newspapers, gossip columns, and hanging on our lips. We love these stories because they are simple and a bit tragic. 

The message? You have to be willing to SACRIFICE EVERYTHING for the things you gain. 

But I disagree. Because a lot of time THESE stories are spun for entertainment. That is not the purpose of a real human life. 

Your life is to be lived FOR YOU. 

There is no montage. There is no tragically beautiful spin. Quite often, life is just the “boring stuff” in the middle, not a movie or E! True Hollywood Story. 

You are allowed to exit this narrative and discard the old stories and beliefs that no longer serve you!

So, lets flip it…

What if instead of sacrifice, you thought of it as an investment?

What if you monitored your investments ACROSS THE BOARD?

It is my firm belief that we don’t have to choose just one major area in our life to thrive (to hell with the rest!)

We can choose to model a new type of success. 

What could this look like for our previous examples? 

  • The famous artist who sets boundaries around their work and relationships so as to protect the value that both bring to their life

  • The type- A business mogul who starts every day with a healthy breakfast, meditation, and movement because they know it will only make them stronger in their work

  • The doctor who finds creative ways to put their needs first so they can serve their patients EVEN BETTER and lead by example

  • The parent of 3 who shows their kids how beneficial it is to make time for what they love in life and they DO IT TOGETHER! 

  • The millionaire who leads their life from a place of abundance rather than fear of lack (which previously resulted in a need to FIGHT and compete for what they saw as limited) Success is open to all. 

So answer this…

  1. Which old model do you relate to the most? 

  2. How can you make the switch to bringing in more holistic success?

  3. How can you invest in your well-being? (BIG dreams included, my friend)

Comment below and let’s discuss! 

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