My Journey

As a little girl, I always LOVED swinging on the playground. It was in this space that I allowed my imagination to play, think up music and stories. Little did I know, these treasured moments within my creative paradise were also cultivating a deep, self-awareness. I was, no doubt a sensitive kid and studied the world around me seeking truth and wanting to give it my whole heart. 

As I got older, my empathetic spirit got knocked out of balance. I began looking for ways to please others and live by their rules. I would give the shirt off my back even if it meant I would shake all night from the cold. I wanted desperately to be liked -by my family, my peers, my teachers, my friends, the audiences I sang my songs for. This led to a nasty case of perfectionism. 

Though I was incredibly passionate and determined to create an unique and authentic life for myself as a successful musician and writer, I sought external validation and imitated those that I witnessed receiving it. My low self-esteem caused me to talk myself out of opportunity after opportunity and get stuck in major resistance to the very dreams I SO passionately wanted to follow. 


It wasn’t until experiencing crippling anxiety, huge loss, and the re-emergence of a life-long chronic illness that I realized turning outward wasn’t working for me. I was exhausted, sick, over-worked, and completely disconnected from what I needed. 

So I sought the help of therapists, coaches, and self-help books and committed to myself in a major way. I was the common denominator of my experiences and my inner self was screaming for my attention... 

 My wake-up call was the beginning of self-care practices, being more "selfish", setting healthy boundaries, and meeting my own needs. I stopped doing things out of obligation. And started living from my inner compass and truth. 

Side effects included: my creativity shone brighter than ever and I released my first full-length album,  I was calmer and happier, and I knew I had my own back no matter what. 

I allowed others to do what they needed and I allowed myself to do what I needed.

No clinging, no judgement, just a whole lot of love (for myself and for others). 

Now, I consider my life just as much of an art form as the music I make. I don’t live for the product and I certainly don’t live for the praise. I live for me and the beautiful process of coming home to my truest self. 


I believe that we are  the experts on ourselves and our lives- each person and their needs unique like a rare gem. 

We when live aligned with our truth & loving ourselves deeply...we shine brighter than ever. 

Pro Bio:

Louise Warren (founder of Rare Gem) is a life coach for creative souls and a nationally touring, award winning singer/songwriter. She is currently based in Macon, Georgia. Over the past 2 years, she has trained with both the Beautiful You Life Coaching Academy and the Creativity Coaching Association, completing 100 + hours coaching.

Her mission is to empower creatives to stay in their lane, self-care, roadmap their dreams, and polish away anything that blocks their true selves so they can shine brighter than ever in their biggest masterpiece of all: their lives.

She currently offers one on one coaching online, forming powerful partnerships with each individual to transform and experience holistic success, self-love, and wholeness. 

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